Tanning Fluid

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Tanning Fluid
Hafen-Tanning Fluid.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Tanning
Object(s) Required Treebark, Water or Exquisite Rot
Produced By Hand
Required By Leather
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Tanning Fluid is used to produce leather when added to a Tanning Tub.

How to Acquire

  • 1 piece of bark adds 1% concentration into a 50l container.
  • So added tanning fluid concentration per bark is: added concentration =
  • Example: cauldron which is 30 liters, you add 50/30 = 1.666... concentration with 1 piece of bark.
  • Tanning fluid concentration cannot exceed 10%.


  • Each piece of bark raise

Tanning Fluid Q =


  • You can add bark into water or tanning fluid, until the concentration reaches 10%, and because it is averaged (though with a weight) iteratively, it is possible to get higher quality tanning fluid by adding many pieces of bark into a bigger container, granted that the bark is higher quality than the water.
  • Tanning Fluid can be added directly into Buckets, Barrels, and Tanning Tubs.
  • Exquisite Rot can be substituted in making tanning fluid.