Chicken Egg

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Chicken Egg
Hafen-Chicken Egg.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required None
Object(s) Required Chicken
Produced By Chicken Coop
Required By Batter, Birthday Cake, Boiled Chicken Egg, Chick, Easter Egg, Easter Egg (Blue), Easter Egg (Green), Easter Egg (Pink), Easter Egg (Red), Fried Chicken Egg, Omelette, Poached Wolverine, Purple Pigment, Turquoise Pigment, Unbaked Egg Cake, Unbaked Fishpie, Unbaked Magpie (Pie), Unbaked Meatpie, Unbaked Wellplaiced Pie
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An egg laid by a chicken. Required by several cooking recipes, can be eaten fried or boiled.

How to Acquire

Chicken eggs are laid by hens in a chicken coop. It takes roughly 24 hours for a hen to lay an egg. There needs to be at least one empty space below the hen, otherwise the egg won't appear.

If there is a cock in the coop with the hen, the produced egg will be fertile and will hatch into a chick. Fertile eggs need to be brooded by a hen in order to hatch. To be brooded, the egg needs to be in a space anywhere below the hen. A fertilized egg can be moved, but if it's been without a brooding hen for too long, the hatching process will stop. This will "kill" the egg, effectively turning it into unfertilized.

Fertilized eggs show a timer counting up to 100%, this indicates when a chick is going to hatch. It takes about a day (real time) for a chick to hatch from an egg.


New eggs that are layed will have a quality of the average qualities of the hen and the cock, ±5.


Because removing a fertilized egg doesn't immediately stop its hatching timer, chicks sometimes hatch inside a cauldron while boiling eggs.