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Attributes, alongside Abilities determine how well a character can perform various tasks, like crafting, foraging and combat. Attributes are raised by eating to gain Food Event Points (FEPs).  See the FEP Table for a list of all foods and their FEPs.

Low-tier and High-tier food refers to the ease of acquiring such foods, rather than the FEPs they provide. Low Tier foods are those available to players without access to clay or metal.


  • Affects damage inflicted by melee weapons or unarmed attacks.
  • Affects Mining Ability as [math]\sqrt {Strength * avgTool}[/math] Pickaxes count as double their quality in the calculation.
  • Affects your ability to destroy objects, by (Adventuring -> Destroy) or using a Battering Ram. Stone axe adds 1 damage, a Pickaxe adds 2 damage, and a Sledgehammer adds 4. Your damage is calculated by sqrt(Strength).
  • In conjunction with Smithing, softcaps the quality of objects crafted with Metal Working and Steelmaking.

Example low-tier Strength food: Roasted Boar Meat, Ant Soldiers, Roasted Brill

Example high-tier Strength food: Midnight Blue Cheese, Brodgar Blue Cheese, Big Bear Banger

Equipment that modifies Strength

(At quality 10:)

Gilding that modifies strength

(At quality 10:) [[1]]


  • Affects Travel Weariness when using a Charter Stone.
  • Decrease enemy minimum ranged damage against their perception
  • Having higher agility than your opponent decreases your attack cooldowns in close combat, and increases the opponents attack cooldowns by the same amount.

Example low-tier Agility foods: Roasted Rabbit Meat

Example high-tier Agility food: Ring of Brodgar (Baking), Delicious Deer Dog, Honey Bun

Equipment that modifies Agility

(At quality 10:)


Example low-tier Intelligence food: Roasted Perch, Blueberries, Roasted Fox Meat

Example high-tier Intelligence food: Jorbonzola, Blueberry Pie

Equipment that modifies Intelligence

(At quality 10:)


Example low-tier Constitution foods: Roasted Beef, Ant Pupae, Fried Egg, Pumpkin Flesh

Example high-tier Constitution foods: Cow Chorizo, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie

Equipment that modifies Constitution

(At quality 10:)


  • Used when Foraging to find foragables and the detection of criminal Scents by Ranging.
  • Affects the quality of unbaked goods: dough is soft-capped by [math] \sqrt{Per * Cooking} [/math].
  • Increases your minimum ranged damage, lowered by enemy's agility.

Example low-tier Perception food: Carrot, Roasted Plaice, Boiled Egg, Roasted Deer Meat

Example high-tier Perception food: Lamb Sausages, Carrot Cake

Equipment that modifies Perception

(At quality 10:)


  • Affects your authority gain in conjunction with Intelligence.
  • Affects the maximum number of players allowed in your party.
  • Provides a bonus when feasting at a Bonfire.

Example low-tier Charisma foods: Grapes, Roasted Mutton, Raisins

Example high-tier Charisma food: Harmesan Cheese, Raisin Butter-Cake

Equipment that modifies Charisma

(At quality 10:)


Example low-tier Dexterity foods: Roasted Chicken Meat, Chantrelles, Roach

Example high-tier Dexterity food: Chantrelle & Onion Pirozhki, Beeted Bird Breast

Equipment that modifies Dexterity

(At quality 10:)


  • Will is intended as a measure of the character's ability to force him/herself through the roughs and toughs.

Example low-tier Will food: Quince, Almond

Example high-tier Will food:

Equipment that modifies Will

(At quality 10:)


  • If you drink Wine or Weißbier you will get the status effect "A Glass with a Friend" which increases Psyche by 5 and later after drinking more alcohol "A Glass to Keep the Cold Out" which increases it by 7. Smoking Tobacco also gives a temporary Psyche buff which is why it is recommended that you drink alcohol and smoke tobacco before you craft products that depend on Psyche.
  • In conjunction with Smithing, affects the quality of Jewelry
  • Affects the crafting of specific items, such as Bear Tooth Talisman, as well as all items that uses silk.

Example low-tier Psyche food: Roasted Sturgeon, Rat on a stick, Boiled River Pearl Mussel

Example high-tier Psyche food: Butter-steamed Cavebulb, Ring of Brodgar (Seafood), Wonderful Wilderness Wurst

Equipment that modifies Psyche

(At quality 10:)

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