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From Ring of Brodgar

Foul scents are produced whenever a criminal action occurs, and can be used to try to track down the perpetrator when online, the perpetrator's hearth fire when offline, and to recover stolen property. Scents last a certain amount of game days before disappearing.

Leaving a summonable scent gives you two debuffs:

1.Redhanded - lasts for a short period of time, you cannot log off or use travel function while it lasts.

2.Outlaw - lasts for the period of scent (look below for the table).Your character can't log off while it lasts and also you can't use charterstones travel function.

A scent can be taken an unlimited number of times before it expires. However, a container (including your inventory) can only hold 1 scent for a particular crime at a time. Scents do expire in your inventory or containers.

Scents can also be used to craft a Nidbane Fetter which if used in conjunction with Runed Dolmen, will sumon a Nidbane and allow you to take revenge on a player.

Note: You cannot use scents of assault of trespassing when crafting a Nidbane Fetter

See the Stealth page for more info on leaving/tracking scents.

Criminal Acts Scent Duration

Crime Game Time Real Time Summonable
Odor of Trespassing 1 day 8 hrs No
Whiff of Rummaging ? ? No
Smell of Assault 2 days 16 hrs No
Reek of Theft 8 days 2 days 16 hrs Yes
Stink of Battery 8 days 2 days 16 hrs Yes
Vile Vapor of Vandalism 12 days 4 days Yes
Stench of Murder 28 days 9 days 8 hrs Yes