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See death in legacy for more information on dying in Haven and Hearth. Note that the information may not directly reflect the current state of Hafen.

Death in Hafen is permanent. You may inherit 30% from your ancestor's attributes and skills by creating a new character and pressing inherit on your ancestor's runestone in the character creation room. Afterwards you may enter the fire and spawn on your previous character's hearth fire**.


You can bury the body and the skull of your ancestor to gain 20% and 10% respectively of your dead character's attributes and skills. To bury the body you will need to build a grave cairn that requires 2 A Beautiful Dream!'s and 20 stones. The grave color and texture depends on the rocks type and proportions. You may bury the skeleton and the skull separately or inside of the same grave.

Grave cairn.png


  • Characters cannot be inherited until eight hours after his or her birth as of update "Catapult Metallic"
    • You may spawn on your ancestor's hearth fire in case it was not destroyed.