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Unarmed Combat

From Ring of Brodgar

Damage formula

Damage can be calculated by the following formula:


(Shouldn't the Unarmed Combat ability be a factor?)


MoveDmg is the listed damage of the martial art used
str is the strength of the hearthling

The base damage of a basic Punch is 10. For a hearthling with a Strength of 80, their damage would be calculated by:


There are currently four types of moves in Haven & Hearth;

Striking, Backhanded, Sweeping, and Oppressive.

Each attack raises your opponent's opening of it's corresponding color.

Example: Using the green attack Punch (A Striking move) will raise your opponent's green opening (Off-Balance)


Maneuvers are defenses against the attacks of your foe. The higher your corresponding stat, the more defense a maneuver will provide.

The following is an incomplete list of all maneuvers currently in the game.

Name Weight Cool Down Effect Learned From
Bloodlust Unarmed Combat * 50% 10 When attacked: Bloodlust is charged by 25% * ∆. When you attack an opponent, your attack weight will be increased by four times the amount that Bloodlust is charged. Rage
Chin Up Unarmed Combat 10
Combat Meditation Unarmed Combat 10 When attacked: Combat Meditation is charged by 25% * ∆. When you attack an opponent, your cooldown will be decreased by the amount that Combat Meditation is charged. Woodsmanship
Death or Glory Unarmed Combat * 50% 10 When attacked: You gain 0.75 * ∆ Points of Initiative against the opponent. Siegecraft
Oak Stance Unarmed Combat * 150% 10 When attacked: Your greatest opening is reduced by 5% * ∆. While Oak Stance is active, all your attacks will have 50% of their normal attack weight. Forestry


Attacks are moves that inflict damage and/or increase openings on your opponent. Using an attack will cause a cooldown based off the listed cooldown of an ability. The attacker must increase the openings of a matching attack type before actual damage is inflicted on their HP. Having a higher agility than your opponent will make your cooldowns shorter, and your foes' longer. Grievous damage is damage done to your foes HHP. New moves are discovered via green highlighted combat discoveries while fighting certain foes, there also seems to be a level requirement to unlock some abilities.

Name Weight Attack Type Openings Damage Grievous Damage Cooldown Effect Cost Learned From
Punch Unarmed Combat * 0.8 * μ Striking +15% Off-Balance 10 5% Grievous Damage 30
Left Hook Unarmed Combat * μ Backhanded +15% Dizzy 15 10% Grievous Damage 40
Low Blow Unarmed Combat * μ Backhanded +10% Off-Balance 10 30% Grievous Damage 50 Gain 1 IP against your opponent. Fox, Boar
Kick Unarmed Combat * μ Sweeping +17.5% Reeling 15 15% Grievous Damage 45 Ants
Haymaker Unarmed Combat * μ Sweeping +15% Reeling 20 15% Grievous Damage 50 Ants, Bat
Knock Its Teeth Out Unarmed Combat * μ Oppressive +20% Cornered 30 25% Grievous Damage 35 1 IP Badger
Go for the Jugular Unarmed Combat * μ Striking, Oppresive +15% Off-Balance, +10% Cornered 40 30% Grievous Damage 45 3+3 IP
Punch 'em Both Unarmed Combat * μ Striking, Sweeping +15% Reeling 10 7.5% Grievous Damage 40 Punch 'em Both attacks both your primary target and also one other opponent in range. Ants, Fox
Rip Apart Unarmed Combat * μ Striking, Backhanded, Sweeping, Oppressive +5% Off-Balance, +5% Dizzy, +5% Reeling, +5% Cornered 50 30% Grievous Damage 80 6 IP
Steal Thunder Unarmed Combat * μ Backhanded, Sweeping +10% Dizzy None None 40 To the extent that it is unblocked, Steal Thunder will take 3 IP from its target and gain you 2 of them.
Uppercut Unarmed Combat * μ Striking, Backhanded +15% Reeling 30 5% Grievous Damage 30
Opportunity Knocks Unarmed Combat 45 Opportunity Knocks increases your opponent's greatest opening by 40% * μ 4 IP
Flex Unarmed Combat +15% Dizzy 30 Reduces 10% * μ Backhanded, 10% * μ Oppressive