Unarmed Combat

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Damage formula

Damage can be calculated by the following formula:

[math]damage = MoveDmg * \sqrt{(str/10)}[/math][Verify]

(Shouldn't the Unarmed Combat ability be a factor?)


MoveDmg is the listed damage of the martial art used
str is the strength of the hearthling

The base damage of a basic Punch is 10. For a hearthling with a Strength of 80, their damage would be calculated by:

[math]damage = 10 * \sqrt{(80/10)} = 28 [/math]

Damage is reduced by the current defense that your opponent has raised depending on its type. The amount of defense removed is based off the weight of the attack.


There are currently four types of moves in Haven & Hearth;

Striking, Backhanded, Sweeping, and Oppressive.

For an attack to do damage to a foe, the foe cannot have a defense up of the matching type. For example if a hearthling is using the punch ability, and the foe has a striking defense up (Marked by a green triangle in the top left corner of the move box) then the punch will damage the defense first.


Attacks are moves that inflict damage on your opponent. Using an attack will cause a cooldown based off the listed cooldown of an ability. The attacker must deplete the defense bar of the target of a matching type before actual damage is inflicted on their HP. Having a higher agility than your opponent will make your cooldowns shorter, and your foes' longer. Grievous damage is damage done to your foes HHP. New moves are discovered via green highlighted combat discoveries while fighting certain foes, there also seems to be a level requirement to unlock some abilities.

The following is an incomplete list of unarmed combat attacks.

Name Weight Type Cool Down Duration Damage Effect Cost Discovery By
Punch Unarmed * 0.8 Striking 30 10 5% Grievous Damage
Left Hook Unarmed Backhanded 40 15 10 Grievous Damage
Low Blow Unarmed Backhanded 40 30 2+6 IP Fox, Boar
Kick Unarmed Sweeping 45 25 15% Grievous Damage 1+1 IP Ants
Haymaker Unarmed Sweeping 60 20 15% Grievous Damage Ants, Bat
Knock Its Teeth Out Unarmed Oppressive 35 30 25% Grievous Damage 2 IP Badger


Maneuvers are defenses against attacks your foe uses of the corresponding type, and forms of gaining IP in combat. The higher your corresponding stat, the more defense a maneuver will provide.

The following is an incomplete list of maneuvers currently in the game.

Name Weight Type Cool Down Duration Damage Effect Cost Discovery By
Quick Dodge Unarmed Striking 20 300
Jump Unarmed Sweeping 20 350
Sidestep Unarmed Backhanded 35 200
Feigned Dodge Unarmed Striking 25 150 If this move expires launch the following attack on the foe you initiated it on.
Feigned Dodge (DUPLICATE!) Unarmed Striking 15 10% Grievous Damage
Watch Its Moves Unarmed Backhanded 30 200 If this move expires you gain 4 IP against the foe you initiated it on.
Yield Ground Unarmed Backhanded/Oppressive 20 400 Your foe gains 1 IP 1 IP Bat, Boar
Take Aim Unarmed 20 Gain 2IP against the foe you use this on. Ants
Artful Evasion Unarmed Striking, Sweeping 275 2IP If destroyed by an opponent Artful Evasion grants you 4 points of initiative against that opponent. Fox
Think Unarmed 30 Gain 3 IP against the foe you use this on. 0+4 IP Boar