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Vital statistics
Location Forest
Base Quality {{{baseq}}}
Hitpoints 50
Fleeing Hitpoints {{{fhp}}}
Creature Products none

Ants are found around Ant Hills. When raiding an ant hill, all the ants guarding it will attack. Because of their low hitpoints and base damage, Ants are the best creature to fight to learn the combat system.

Combat Behavior

Ants only have one basic attack, Ant Spit, which create blue and green openings. Taking significant damage from ants will result in Antcid Burns

How to fight them

Because ants have a relatively low amount of hp, it is best to quickly create one opening by using basic attacks such as punch, low blow, or kick, and disregard using restorations.

Each ant swarm should be killed individually. Raiding an ant hill causes all nearby ants to attack, so killing them beforehand is important to a successful raid. Being attacked by multiple ant swarms will quickly overwhelm you and create large blue and green openings, making it very difficult to recover quick enough.

In Game Example