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Ant Hill Dungeon

From Ring of Brodgar
Ant Hill Dungeon
Ant Hill Dungeon.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Required By A Wild Dream, Ant Chitin, Ant Crown, Ant Meat, Ant Queen's Wings, Ant Wing, Curious Needle, Small Heart Container
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Ant Hill Dungeons are special areas found when raiding ordinary Ant Hills.

Occasionally when you raid Anthills, they may reveal themselves to be more than they first appeared. - jorb

Ant Hills are full of ants, ant things, Forageable Plants and rarely Seeds of Tree or Bush, and are quite the sight to behold.

They are the third instance of a new type of natural phenomenon which are generally called "Dungeons".

Getting through the Ant Hill

Before entering the hill, you should be aware that the difficulty level is random and once inside you won't be able to teleport to your hearthfire even if you get knocked out. If you get low on health, run for the exit.
Ants inside are pretty weak and easy to fight and wounds you recieve can be easily healed with Yarrow.
There is a mess with a keys - some rooms has infinite spawn and ants will drop keys with yellow glow, that keys open the door nearby - and not worked with other doors. Also you can find a special key on a stand that fit only for another stand to open the final rooms - if you lost this key, it will respawn on stand after 3 RL days. All keys looks the same - so it's a good idea not pick up more than one droppable keys - they will vanish after use and you will not lost, faildrop or confused where a special key then.
Chests contain a random assortment of loot including gems, curious needles, ant meat, wild dreams, foragebles and seeds.
Killing an Ant Queen trigger Sundering the Hill event and spawn Small Heart Container somewhere in final room.



  • Ordinary doors unlocked after you defeat all ants in a room.



  • You can take a horse on a leash inside a dungeon.