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Vital statistics
Hitpoints ?
Creature-Products Fresh Horse Hide, Entrails x4, Intestines x3, Raw Horse x8, Bone Material x10
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Domestic Areas
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Red Plain

Horse are domesticated creatures, kept mainly as transportation. In order to obtain Horses, you must tame Wild Horses. Horses can be lead around by right clicking a Rope onto the animal.

Horse eat units of Fodder per day (a Food Trough holds 2000 units; 1L of swill = 10 fodder). Pregnant mares eat (???)[Verify] times as much at (???)[Verify] units per day. A lactating mare eats (???)[Verify] units of food per day, plus 0.1 unit for every 1L of milk produced.[Verify]

In grasslands biome, the horses feed from the natural grass as well, feeding less from the Food Trough.


Horse information window

Mares are female Horses. They are kept for their ability to produce Foals, as well as for their meat.


Stallions are male Horses. Left with a mare, the stallion will impregnate her, indicated by a distinct mating animation. stallions are also used to pull Wagons.


Foals are adolescent Horses. They will grow into either a mare or a stallion in 10 real life days. In addition to the regular products, foals give you a Suckling's Maw when butchered.

How to acquire

To obtain a mare or stallion you have to tame a Wild Horse.


A Mare will take 4.5 real life days to give birth.

A foal takes 10 real life days to grow up.

Breeding for animals with higher quality stats is much more difficult than it is to grow higher quality crops. The quality of any of the foal's stat is the average of the male and female's stat, +20 -> -5 [Verify], and then soft capped by the breeding quality of the male involved. Since you're typically looking for multiple stats, on top of getting more breeding stat, this can prove to be a slow task.

Mares can have twins on rare occasions.

You can tell the gender of foals by the information window title, it will say stallion for males and mare for females.


While mares produce milk, they can't be milked.

Special stats

Horses have three unique values which can be bred: Endurance, Stamina, and Metabolism. Endurance determines how much pony power the horse has. Stamina determines how fast the horse regenerates pony power from its food meter. Metabolism determines how much pony power each unit of food is converted to.

Tips & Tricks

  • It is a good idea to separate the Males from the Females, to ensure that you can select the highest quality Male to mate with. Also you can castrate your lower quality stallions to stop them from breeding and acquire Bollock.
  • You should use your lowest quality horse/bull to pull a wagon, since quality has no effect on wagon-pulling and if you have to flee and leave your wagon behind, then the loss will not be as bad.
  • Horses can be equipped with Saddlebags, which act as an inventory for the animal. Saddlebags have a 4x4 inventory space.
  • You can hearth home with a horse, while mounted.
  • The horse tracks its last rider, so if you dismount while visiting someone's claim, you can still remount without losing the horse, much the same as with boats.
  • It is possible to use emotes while riding a horse.

an old april fool's prank. jorb and loftar promised horses during legacy haven