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Terrain Type (Map tiles, In-game tiles) Maximum Speed Trees Found Bushes Found Foragables Found Creatures Found
Beach BeachMap.png BeachTerrain.png Sprint Pine Sandthorn Beach Salvage, Washed-up Bladderwrack, Sand Walrus, Crab
Beech Grove BeechgroveMap.png BeechgroveTerrain.png Run Birch, Beech, Elm, Mulberry, Linden, Chestnut, Alder, Oak, Rowan, Bay Willow, Crabapple, Walnut, Hornbeam, Goldenchain, Pear, Apple Boxwood, Caprifole, Elderberry, Blackcurrant, holly, Blackberry, Redcurrant, Crampbark, Sandthorn, Tundra Rose Foragables Animals
Blue Sod BluesodMap.png BluesodTerrain.png Sprint Linden, Birch, Whitebeam, Maple, Poplar, Hornbeam, Cherry, Birdcherry, Walnut, Spruce, Hazel, Fir, Beech Caprifole, Crampbark, Blackthorn Foragables Animals
Bog BogMap.png BogTerrain.png Wade/Walk Pine, Larch Bog-Myrtle Lady's Mantle, Frog's Crown, Candleberry, Royal Toadstool, Waybroad Creatures travel at regular speed over Bog

Leeches collect on your body while standing in Bog

Dragonfly, Frog, Leech, Toad

Cave CaveMap.png CaveTerrain.png Sprint Towercap Poppycaps, Witherstand Stalagmites occur naturally in caves

Cavebulb, Glimmermoss, Stalagoom

Trolls Have a small chance of spawning in caves while Mining

Bat, Rat

Cloud Range CloudrangeMap.png CloudrangeTerrain.png Sprint Alder, Aspen, Pine, Oak, Elm, Willow, Beech, Mulberry, goldenchain, Chestnut, Crabapple Bushes Foragables Animals
Deep Tangle DeeptangleMap.png DeepTangleTerrain.png Run
Deep Water DeepwaterMap.png DeepwaterTerrain.png Swim/Crawl None None Water can be collected from Deep Water


Dirt DirtMap.png DirtTerrain.png Sprint None None Naturally occuring patches of dirt contain Acre Clay

Tangled Bramble, Thorny Thistle

Dry Flat 150px 150px Sprint Ash, Cedar, Laurel Bushes Foragables Animals
Fen FenMap.png FenTerrain.png Wade/Walk Pine, Willow Hawthorn Lady's Mantle, Frog's Crown, Candleberry, Royal Toadstool, Waybroad Creatures travel at regular speed over Fen

Leeches collect on your body while standing in Fen

Dragonfly, Frog, Leech, Toad

Flower Meadow FlowermeadowMap.png FlowermeadowTerrain.png Sprint Crabapple, Willow, Bay Willow, Goldenchain, Sweetgum, Beech, Plum, Pear, Rowan, Cedar, Apple, Alder Caprifole, Blackberry, Bittersweet Nightshade, Holly, Gooseberry, Hawthorn, Tibast, Crampbark Yarrow, Dandelion, Wild Windsown Weed, Morels, Clover Aurochs, Rabbit, Ladybug
Grass GrassMap.png GrassTerrain.png Sprint Trees Bushes Foragables Animals
Greens Ward Greensward Map.png Greensward Terrain.png Sprint Trees Bushes Foragables Animals
Hard Steppe HardsteppeMap.png HardsteppeTerrain.png Sprint Larch, Spruce, Pine, Elm, Linden, Fir, Willow, Alder, Yew, Birch Sandthorn, Holly Clover, Wild Windsown Weed Rabbit, Horse, [[
Highground HighgroundMap.png HighgroundTerrain.png Sprint
Leaf LeafMap.png LeafTerrain.png Run Rowan, Linden, Cherry, Alder, Sallow, Elm, Walnut, Birch, Beech, Birdcherry, King's Oak, Hazel Bushes Foragables Animals
Leaf Patch LeafpatchMap.png LeafpatchTerrain.png Run Birch, Elm, Beech, Whitebeam, Birdcherry, Mulberry, Alder, Oak, Poplar, Linden, Maple, Conker, Bay Willow, Cherry, Chestnut, Hornbeam Blackcurrant, Redcurrant, Raspberry, Tundra Rose, Bittersweet Nightshade, Elderberry, Blackthorn, Caprifole, Crampbark, Boxwood Giant Puffball Animals
Lichen Wold LichenwoldMap.png LichenwoldTerrain.png Sprint
Moor MoorMap.png MoorTerrain.png Sprint Hornbeam, Walnut, Sallow, Maple, Birch, Birdcherry, Rowan, Ash, Poplar, Cherry, Whitebeam, Linden Raspberry, Caprifole, Blackthorn, Arrowwood Foragables Animals
Pine Barren PinebarrenMap.png PinebarrenTerrain.png Sprint
Plowed Dirt PloweddirtMap.png PloweddirtTerrain.png Sprint None None Crops can be planted on Plowed Dirt None
Red Plain RedplainMap.png RedplainTerrain.png Sprint Sweetgum, Ash, Hazel, Juniper, Cypress, Pine, Aspen, Plum, Larch, Buckthorn, Laurel, Spruce, Cedar, Cork, Elm Bushes Clover, Dandelion, Waybroad, Morels, Wild Windsown Weed, Lady's Mantle Horse, Rat, Fox, Rabbit
Root Bosk RootboskMap.png RootboskTerrain.png Run Beech, Fir, Ash, Birch, Oak, Spruce, Apple, Alder, Sallow, Sweetgum, Rowan, Willow, Plum, Buckthorn, Mulberry Arrowwood, Hawthorn, Spindleberry, Black Currant, Red Currant, Tundra Rose, Caprifole, Dogrose, Holly, Elderberry, Tibast, Bittersweet Nightshade Giant Puffball, Blackberry, Morels, Chantrelles, Bloated Bolete, Stinging Nettle, Wild Windsown Weed, Lingonberry, Spindly Taproot, Yellowfeet, Rustroot Hedgehog, Squirrel, Badger, Toad, Ant Hill, Fox, Boar, Frog, Aurochs (Rarely), Mouflon (Rarely)
Shady Copse ShadyCopseMap.png ShadyCopseTerrain.png Run
Shallow Water ShallowwaterMap.png ShallowwaterTerrain.png Wade/Walk None None Water can be collected from Shallow Water

Fishing,River Pearl Mussel, Gray Clay, Peculiar Flotsam

Creatures travel at regular speed over Shallow Water
Sombre Bramble SombrebrambleMap.png SomebrebrambleTerrain.png Run
Swamp SwampMap.png SwampTerrain.png Wade/Walk Willow, Bay Willow Bittersweet Nightshade Lady's Mantle, Frog's Crown, Candleberry, Royal Toadstool, Waybroad Creatures travel at regular speed over Swamp

Leeches collect on your body while standing in Swamp

Dragonfly, Frog, Leech, Toad