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Midge Swarm

From Ring of Brodgar
Midge Swarm
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" Midge swarms are black clouds of midges floating about, primarily in swamps and forests, primarily at night, making life miserable for hearthlings by dealing the odd, and insignificant wound." -jorb


Unlike any other creature, midges are untargetable and can pass through any object. They float at 2.5 speed randomly, mostly at night and in swamps. If they notice a heartling nearby, they start to float towards and around the hearthling to bite for 1-3hhp every time the swarm passes through the hearthling.

Midge Swarms inflict a new Midge Bite wound per bite, it can't be healed with anything excluding Ancient Root but it heals by itself for 1 HHP in less than a hour (better in Sturdy Bed).


Because of the low movement speed it's pretty easy to avoid them even on foot. Be careful if traveling in rough terrain or getting stuck on obstacles. It's quite dangerous to leave an hearthling in a swamps at night; A single swarm will bite for approximately 30 HHP in a minute, and a few swarms can easily kill character in barely a few minutes.

Because Midge Warms cannot travel between maps, an easy way to evade them is to duck into a building or cave. After a few seconds without a target, the swarm will leave the area.


  • Extremely bountiful on Swamps, dangerous to new players.