New world 12 as of 6 March 2020 HnH Topic: World 12
Satiation reworked as of Feasting Leonardo (2019-12-11) patch.


From Ring of Brodgar
Base-Quality 10
Hitpoints 10
Fleeing-Hitpoints 10
Creature-Products Dead Chicken: Chicken Feather x3, Raw Chicken Meat, Entrails, Bone Material or Wishbone(Rarely)
Terrain This data is specified at the individual Terrain pages. Blue Sod, Bounty Acre, Cloud Range, Dry Flat, Flower Meadow, Grass, Greens Ward, Hard Steppe, Highground, Lush Field, Moor, Ox Pasture, Red Plain, Wild Turf
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How to Acquire

There are two possibilities:

  • Wild flocks of chicken may randomly spawn on a Grassland, or Moor, and will stay in one general area. Right-clicking a chicken will cause your character to chase it.
  • Build a chicken coop for breeding hens and cocks. When a chick is placed inside a chicken coop with sufficient fodder, it will turn into a Hen or Cock.

How to Use

  • Animal Husbandry enables you to breed chickens. A chicken coop, a cock and a hen are required to produce fertile Chicken Egg, that will hatch into chicks.
  • A hen can be slaughtered via the "Wring Its Neck" option to convert it into a Dead Hen.
  • If killed via combat, it will leave a Dead Hen as its corpse.
  • Hens require food, and if left in your inventory/storage will die, leaving a low quality Dead Hen. This will occur within 24 hours


  • If you do not have a Chicken Coop or fodder, you can keep your chickens alive longer than 3 days by releasing them and catching them again
  • Hunting wild chickens is viable source of Feathers, Entrails, and Bones in the early game. Pick them up, wring their necks, return to your camp/base when inventory is full and pluck/clean them there. All products except meat can be stockpiled for easy storage.

In-Game Example(s)