Animal Husbandry

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Animal Husbandry
Hafen-Animal Husbandry.png
Animal Husbandry
LP Cost 750
Skill(s) Required Hunting
Skill(s) Enabled Sausage Making
Required By Aurochs Hair, Aurochs' Milk, Bar of Soap, Beast Unborn, Butter, Cheese Rack, Chicken Coop, Churn, Creamy Cock, Curding Tub, Feather Sunfeather, Food Trough, Goat's Milk, Gold Egg, Hide Strap, Hitching Post, Intestines, Liver & Onions, Mohair, Pointed Cap, Rennet, Sheep's Milk, Wool
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In-Game Text

"Harnessed by the Old gods,
The Urox plowed across the skies
The furrow of time."

You have enough close encounters with various beasts of the Wild Hearth that the thought of taming some of them has entered your mind. You may snare and keep tamable beasts, as well as construct coops, troughs and hitching posts.

To tame a wild, tamable animal:

First, lure it to you with clover.

Then snare it with a rope.

Then tie it to a hitching post.

Then, when soon it stands ready to fight,

Defeat it in combat again, and again,

But when it yields to you, yield to it,

And hurt it no further,

Until the beast has been quelled.

What it does

This skill allows you to tame certain animals and unlocks crafting of several objects and buildings. Tamed animals require a Food Trough or grassland to survive and breed. See Taming for a detailed guide on how to tame an animal.

Animals that can be tamed:

Wild Domesticated
Boars Pig
Mouflon Sheep
Aurochs Cattle
Wildhorse Horse

Animal Husbandry also allows you to gather certain materials and craft and construct new objects.

Items Aurochs Hair Butter Feather Duster Gold Egg Milk Wool
Structures Chicken Coop Churn Food Trough Hitching Post


  • (game mechanic) Domesticated/Tamed animals don't seem to move when off-loaded. (Eating and breading do continue.)
  • After tethering an untamed animal to a post, you can either store the rope for later use or use the same rope to tether and hitch other animals.