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Learning Points are used to buy Incremental skills, Non-incremental skills, and Property.

You can earn Learning points in three ways at the moment.

  • Contact with new objects through the discovery system For example: picking your first branch off a tree will give you some LP, digging soil, clay for the first time will award you LP. There is a multitude of actions that will give you some learning points when done for the first time on that character. This is the main source of LP for a new character, and it allows to learn some basic, fundamental skills, as well as discover new recipes.

There are some actions that are worth doing for the initial burst of LP:

  • Curiosity System Curiosities are items that can be crafted, foraged, caught or even created as a side effect when doing certain activities. They are studied over time in your Study window, and will give you LP after completion. The will also use up some of you experience points. These points are awarded when doing particular actions, more on this on this page.

Early obtainable curiosities are: dandelions, cone cows, dragonflies.

Killing animals will also give a small amount of LP. (Unknown what determines how much is given, however, it appears to depend on, A: How quick you kill the animal, and/or B: The damage dealt in the killing attack.)

Side Note: Items your ancestors have discovered won't give you Learning Points.