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LP Cost 200
Skill(s) Required Foraging
Skill(s) Enabled Swimming
Required By A Talking Whale, An Old Boot, Asp, Boiled River Pearl Mussel, Bone Hook, Bream, Brill, Burbot, Bushcraft Fishingpole, Butter-Chived Trout, Carp, Catfish, Chitin Hook, Chub, Chum Bait, Copper Comet, Copperbrush Snapper, Eel, Feather Fly, Fishing Net, Fishy Eyeball, Gold Spoon-Lure, Grayling, Ide, Lavaret, Pearl Necklace, Perch, Perched Perch, Petrified Seashell, Pike, Pinecone Plug, Plaice, Poppy Wobbler, Primitive Casting-Rod, River Pearl, Roach, Rock Lobster, Ruffe, Salmon, Silver Bream, Smelt, Steelbrush Plunger, Tench, The Other Old Boot, Tin Fly, Trout, Woodfish, Zander
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The fishing skill allows you to craft and use Bushcraft Fishingpoles and Primitive Casting-Rods and to fish for different types of fish. The fishing skill benefits from completion of the Credos - Fisherman.

In-Game Text

"The fathoms give nothing,
Yield not a single thing,
But to the fishermens' snares."

You have mastered some basic fishing techniques, and can craft rods, poles, hooks and lures.

There are two types of fishing: Rod and pole. Pole fishing uses various forms of live or fleshy bait -- such as earthworms, entrails, or ants -- whereas Rod fishing uses lures. Fishing poles catch fish immediately whenever they bite, but the more demanding Rod fishing rather requires you to actually land the Fish by figuring out the many riddles of the sport. The truly rare fish of the world are caught with rods.

How to Fish

To fish you need 4 items combined together with the fishing skill:

  1. A Fishing Pole
  2. Fishing Line
  3. Fish Hook
  4. Lures or Bait

Fishing Pole

Craft Either a Bushcraft Fishingpole or a Primitive Casting-Rod.

More info to be Added on Fishing pole specs

Fishing Line

All String, except Hide Straps and Stinging Nettle, count as Fishing Line. Spindly Taproots, Yarn, Finer Plant Fibres, and Silk Thread all work.

Be aware that fishing line can break, so if high quality string is difficult for you to find it might be safer to opt for more abundant, lower quality string. If you are very serious about fishing you will want to raise your own plant fibre to get the best quality fishing line you can.

Fish Hook

A fish hook is added to the fishing pole by left clicking on the hook and then right clicking on the fishing pole. Currently, there are four types of fish hooks.

Be aware that, much like the fishing line, you can lose your fishing hook. Using your prized gold nugget passed down by your ancestors might not be wise.


Bait is expendable meaning you can catch at maximum one fish per bait.

Some types of bait include: Ant Empress, Ant Larvae, Ant Pupae, Ant Queen, Ant Soldiers, Aphids, Earthworm, Emerald Dragonfly, Entrails, Firefly, Grasshopper, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Ladybug, Leech, Monarch Butterfly, Ruby Dragonfly, Silkmoth Ant Empress, Ant Larvae, Ant Pupae, Ant Queen, Ant Soldiers, Aphids


Lures are durable, but they can be lost.

Fishing Trash

When something is dropped in a body of water, it is added to a global pool of items that can be fished up anywhere in the world or found buried on the beach. Some people use this feature for charity by throwing their old equipment in the river. You can also drop a written parchment to send a message to a random fisherman as if it were a message in a bottle.


Quoting Jorb:

Fish are now a limited and localized resource, working in the same way as any other localized resource. You should notice fish jumping in the water if the area has fish. What you catch when fishing depends on the following factors: Time of day, location, lure, hook, pole and line type as well as the quality level of each piece of fishing equipment.

Type Size (HxV) Fishing Lure or Bait Location FEP (Based on Q10)
(2 servings)
1x2 Copper Comet, Grasshopper Lake Depths, River Depths 5 DEX
(1 servings)
1x1 Rock Lobster Lure Lake Depths, River Depths 2 STR, 2 DEX
(1 servings)
1x1 Earthworm, Feather Fly, Woodfish, Rock Lobster Lure, Pinecone Plug, Leech Lake Shallows, Lake Depths 3 INT, 2 CHA
(1 servings)
1x2 Dragonfly, Earthworm, Entrails, Poppy Wobbler Lake Depths, River Depths 3 CON, 1.5 CHA
(3 servings)
1x3 Metal Hook, Flax Fibres, Tin Fly, Rock Lobster Lure, Earthworm, Entrails, Leech, Woodfish Lake Depths, River Depths 1.25 AGI, 2.5 INT, 2.5 PSY
(2 servings)
2x1 Tin Fly at day , Feather Fly at night Lake Shallows 2.5 CHA, 2.5 CON, 1 PER
(1 servings)
1x1 Earthworm, Leech, Rock Lobster Lure, Steelbrush Plunger, Tin Fly River Depths
(2 servings)
1x2 Feather Fly Lake Depths, River Shallows 4 AGI
(2 servings)
1x2 Leech, Entrails, Earthworm Lake Depths 2.5 PER, 1.25 AGI
(1 servings)
1x1 Woodfish Lake Shallows 2.0 DEX, 0.5 PSY
(2 servings)
1x2 Leech, Earthworm Lake Depths, River Shallows 4.5 CON, 1.5 AGI
(1 servings)

Earthworm, Feather Fly, Woodfish, Rock Lobster Lure, Leech, Poppy Wobbler, Intestines, Tin Fly, Pinecone Plug, Copper Comet, Entrails

Lake Depths, River Depths 4 INT
(2 servings)
2x1 Earthworm, Feather Fly, Woodfish, Rock Lobster Lure, Tin Fly, Pinecone Plug, Leech, Entrails Lake Shallows, Lake Depths 2 STR, 2 INT, 1 CON
(1 servings)
1x1 Earthworm, Feather Fly, Woodfish, Rock Lobster Lure, Pinecone Plug, Leech, Entrails Lake Shallows, River Depths, River Shallows 1 INT, 3 PER
(1 servings)
1x1 Earthworm, Woodfish, Rock Lobster Lure, Silkworm, Feather Fly, Pinecone Plug, Leech, Entrails Lake Depths, River Depths 2 INT, 2 DEX
(1 servings)
1x1 Dragonfly, Leech, Entrails Lake Depths, River Shallows, River Depths 3 CHA
(2 servings)
2x1 Rock Lobster Lure, Entrails Lake Shallows, Lake Depths, River Depths 2 INT, 3 CHA
(1 servings)
1x1 Feather Fly Lake Depths, Lake Shallows 1 CHAR, 1 DEX
(3 servings)
3x1 Rock Lobster Lure, Steelbrush Plunger Lake Depths, River Shallows 3 STR, 1 PSY
(1 servings)
1x1 Feather Fly, Entrails Lake Depths, River Depths 2 INT, 1 CON, 1 PER
(2 servings)
1x2 Grasshopper Rock Lobster Lure Lake Depths, River Depths 2.5 STR, 1.88 PER, 1.88 DEX
Silver Bream
(1 servings)
1x1 Dragonfly, Leech, Entrails Lake Depths 2 INT
(2 servings)
2x1 Dragonfly, Leech, Entrails, Pinecone Plug Lake Depths, River Shallows 3 INT
(1 servings)
1x1 Entrails Lake Shallows, River Shallows 2.5 PER 1.25 INT

Phases of the Moon

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