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Hunter's Bow

From Ring of Brodgar
Hunter's Bow
Hunter's Bow.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 2
Skill(s) Required Archery
Object(s) Required Tree Bough x2, String x8
Produced By Hand
QL10 Equipment Statistics
Slot(s) Occupied 4L and 4R
Damage 25
Combat Skill Marksmanship
Ammunition Stone Arrow, Bone Arrow, Metal Arrow
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A Hunter's Bow, is a medium ranged weapon. It fires (Stone,Bone or Metal) Arrows which affect the damage dealt. A player aims the bow at a location, when the player releases their arrow, it will fly within a cone around the location based off how full the aim meter is.


When crafting, the qualities of a bow are softcapped by .

The minimum between the bow and the arrow's essence determines the aim meter penalty for moving.

The damage dealt by a bow is affected by the bow's quality, the arrow's type and quality, and the aim meter.

Stone Arrows have a base damage of 25, Bone Arrows have a base damage of 30. Metal Arrows have a base damage of 40. The arrows have 5%, 10%, 15% armor penetration respectively.

The minimum between the bow and the arrow's quality, as well as marksmanship determine the aim speed and maximum aim.

In-Game Example(s)

A hunter's bow used as a wall decoration.