Boat Building

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Boat Building
Boat Building.png
Boat Building
LP Cost 1,500
Skill(s) Required Swimming and Carpentry
Skill(s) Enabled None
Required By Barkboat, Coracle, Crabshell Sunfeather, Knarr, Raft, Rowboat
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Travelling with boats is much safer than Swimming. This is a recommended skill if you're trying to cross rivers and lakes.

Boats allow players to traverse waterways much quicker and they also allow players to transport items more efficiently since boats are capable of carrying items and additional players.

There are four boats currently available; the Coracle, Raft, Rowboat, and Knarr.

In-Game Text

"Glimma, mighty ship,
Built from boards of Cherry,
To sail into the sun."

You have learned how to construct a rowboat to strike out along unknown lakes and rivers.