From Ring of Brodgar
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Required By Bar of Soap, Barley Wort, Beeswax, Boiled Chicken Egg, Boiled Pepper Drupe, Boiled River Pearl Mussel, Bone Glue, Box of Matches, Butter-steamed Cavebulb, Buttered Leeks, Candleberry Wax, Chum Bait, Clambake, Cone Gruel, Creamy Cock, Cucumber Salsa, Curd'n'Chives, Divination in Tin, Felt, Fish in Tears, Fishballs, Fishsticks, Goldbeater's Skin, Haggis, Hardened Leather, Kelp Cream, Meat-in-Jelly, Moules Frites, Mushrooms in Jelly, Onion Rings, Onioned Escargot, Opium, Rendered Animal Fat, Rennet, Ring of Brodgar (Seafood), River Pearl, Seer's Tealeaves, Silk Filament, Spring Stew, Stinging Poultice, Stinging Salad, Sweet Beets, Tea, Toad Butter, Turnip Fries, Untanned Rot, Wheat Wort, Zesty Brill
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The Cauldron is an important tool for Cooking and a variety of miscellaneous tasks. May refer to Metal Cauldron or Clay Cauldron both holds 30L.


  • The quality of objects crafted with the Clay Cauldron is given by:

  • The quality of objects crafted with the Metal Cauldron is given by:


  • Clay Cauldrons take 5 minutes to heat up. Metal Cauldrons boil instantly.
  • Clay Cauldrons halve the quality of the water used.
  • The wood blocks does not affect the quality of the cauldron.
  • Putting bark in a cauldron will turn the water to tanning fluid. It is easier to get high quality bark than high quality water, so this is a good way to get a high quality liquid to boil things in. (no longer works this way)