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Metal Cauldron

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Metal Cauldron
Metal Cauldron.png
Vital statistics
Size 3 x 3
Skill(s) Required Metal Working
Object(s) Required Bar of Common Metal x6, Block of Wood x3
Specific Type of Cauldron
Required By (Cauldron: Bar of Soap, Barley Wort, Beeswax, Blubber Feast, Boiled Chicken Egg, Boiled Lobster, Boiled Pepper Drupe, Boiled River Pearl Mussel, Bone Glue, Box of Matches, Butter-steamed Cavebulb, Candleberry Wax, Creamy Cock, Curd'n'Chives, Divination in Tin, Felt, Glazed Honeyons, Goldbeater's Skin, Haggis, Hardened Leather, Hop Jellies, Kelp Cream, Mead Must, Meat-in-Jelly, Moules Frites, Onioned Escargot, Opium, Parboiled Morels, Rendered Animal Fat, Rennet, River Pearl, Seer's Tealeaves, Silk Filament, Spring Stew, Stinging Poultice, Sweet Beets, Tea, Toad Butter, Untanned Rot, Wax Candle, Wheat Wort)
Repaired With Bar of Common Metal
Can be Lifted Yes
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The Metal Cauldron is an important tool for Cooking and a variety of miscellaneous tasks. It is an upgrade to the Clay Cauldron, which can be used for the same tasks but requires time to begin boiling. The Metal Cauldron boils instantly when lit.

The Metal Cauldron holds 30L of water when full and requires wood as fuel.


The cauldron's quality is only affected by the metal used in its construction; any block of wood can be used without any changes to its quality.

The quality of objects crafted with the Metal Cauldron is given by:

  • Where quality of Ingredients = the average quality of the ingredients used.


  • The wood blocks does not affect the quality of the cauldron.

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