Mead Must

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Mead Must
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Vital statistics
Size 2 x 2
Skill(s) Required None
Object(s) Required Honey (2 litres)
Produced By Cauldron
Required By Mead
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Mead Must is placed in demijohns to ferment into Mead. Must will not ferment if placed in a barrel. If left in any container (other than the demijohn or barell) for ~11 RL hours, it will turn into Stale Mead Must that can be farther fermented into Vinegar.

If you add more must later, the fermentation doesn't reset but averages.


  • The quality of objects crafted with the Clay Cauldron is given by:

  • The quality of objects crafted with the Metal Cauldron is given by:


  • Recipe produced 5 litres of must.