From Ring of Brodgar
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Farming
Object(s) Required Poppy Grist
Produced By Cauldron
Required By Opium Dragon
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Quoting Jorb

Opium can be smoked to good effect:

  • Whenever you smoke opium, you receive a buff "Chasing the Dragon". For each puff of the pipe, the buff accumulates a certain amount of wound points. You can see on the buff how many points of damage it has accumulated.
  • As the buff ticks down, there is a chance to convert wound points accumulated in the buff into healing of certain wound types, namely: Infected sore, Wretched Gore, Concussion, Severe Mauling, Blunt Trauma, and Punch Sore.
  • When the buff is empty -- i.e. has ticked down entirely -- the remaining accumulated wound points -- i.e. those not used for healing -- are gradually applied as a new wound "Dragon Bite", which itself heals over time.
  • The buff can only hold a certain amount of wound points, and as you begin approaching that amount, some damage is applied directly as a "Dragon Bite".

Also made it so that the poppy seed payout is lower than base if poppies are harvested as flowers, and higher than base if they are harvested as pods.

  • There is another little mechanic involved, but you'll get to discover that one for yourselves.
  • Please be advised that smoking opium can kill your character. Proceed carefully to find a suitable dosage!

How to Acquire

If you harvest a poppy plant in this secret stage, you receive a Poppy Pod instead of a Poppy Flower. Poppy pods can be eaten as are, but can also be dried on an Herbalist Table to Dried Poppy Pods. Dried poppy pods can be ground to Poppy Grist, which can be boiled in a cauldron and thus reduced to opium. It takes 1:40 hours in real time to fully reduce poppy grist to opium.


  • While you are actively smoking Opium, sometimes Opium Dragons will spawn; when you reach 100% of the Chasing The Dragon buff, they can spawn as many as three at a time. It is easiest to catch them while riding a horse in a large, flat area like a field. Dragons can go through walls so it is not recommended to smoke inside a house if you want to catch them.
  • Smoking opium will make the game world look purple and wobbly.
  • To get 'crazy high' on opium, you need 0.06 kg of opium while using a Bull Pipe.