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Vital statistics
Size 2 x 3
Storage Size 8 x 8
Object(s) Required Board x30, Block of Wood x30, Bar of Any Metal x1, Bone Glue x8, Rope x10, Cloth x20, Cattle or Horse to pull
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A wagon can hold 5x4=20 liftable objects and 8x8=64 inventory items (same as a cupboard). Boats and cupboards must be empty before they can be loaded.

  • A wagon can travel through palisade's gate. However, it can be quite hard to make it through the 2 tile wide gates. It is recommended to make the palisade's gate 3 tiles wide for this reason.
  • Cattle (oxen) and horses can pull wagons. A horse will pull the wagon faster than an ox.
  • You cant teleport, but can follow milestones while riding wagon - automovement.
  • Wagons kill small critters (rats, frogs, toads, adders, hedgehogs, moles, squirrels, rabbits and chickens) when they run over them.
  • Two people can ride in the front and two people can ride in the back.
  • Wagon speed with Cattle - 4.5 tiles per second, with Horse - 7.7 tiles per second

General advice

People riding in wagons can log out while in a passenger seat, and when they log back in, generally log in to the wagon. If you're crossing rivers with multiple people and a single raft, the passengers can log out while in the wagon, and the driver can raft the empty wagon over. The other players should be able to log in on the other side of the river. Rafts can not carry wagons containing logged-in player characters.

Traveling with a wagon trough forests can be a tricky and relative slow process, as the wagon can get easily get stuck against some object. Reversing a wagon when needed can best be done by un-leasing the bull and moving and re-leasing the bull again at the back of the wagon.


a wagon color guide (click to enlarge)
  • The bull will be unleashed from the wagon when some player opens up the bull's info window. (This is probably be the main reason why bull's get loose after a long time.)
  • You can't travel through claimed areas, this includes both wagons and boats.
  • Characters taking place in the wagon, will displace any logged-out character on the same seat.
  • Wagon seat order is always the same. (seat related logged-out characters are ignored here)
  • While been a passenger you can Travel to Hearth Fire(without Wagon).