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Ore Smelter

From Ring of Brodgar
Ore Smelter
Ore Smelter.png
Vital statistics
Size 3 x 2.3
Skill(s) Required Metal Working
Object(s) Required Brick x45
Required By Bar of Cast Iron, Bar of Copper, Bar of Meteoric Iron, Bar of Tin, Gold Nugget, Gold Pebbles, Quicksilver, Silver Nugget, Slag, Stone
Repaired With Brick
Can be Lifted No

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The smelter is used to get metal bars and nuggets from ore.

How to Use

Fill it with ore. The smelter can hold up to 25 pieces of ore. Fuel it with at least 12 pieces of charcoal or black coal by left-clicking the coal and right-clicking the ore smelter. Then light the smelter using a torch or other fire source. It takes 55 minutes to smelt a single load.


The formula used to determine the outcome quality of the bars you receive from smelting ore is similar to the kiln.


  • When filling with charcoal, hold shift while quickly right-clicking on the smelter (make sure you only have 12 charcoal in your inventory).
  • The smelter takes 11.6 or so charcoal to burn, so if you are around when it finishes, you can add 12 more coal and new ore to avoid having to relight the smelter.
  • With Mining Credo, Smelting ore use 9 charcoal(-25%). Credo's buff is applied directly to the ore, it will have "Well mined" line and only this exact ore piece will have reduced smelting time.