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From Ring of Brodgar
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Object(s) Required Cinnabar
Produced By Ore Smelter
Required By Felt, Glass Pane, Golden Thread, Gray Pigment, Quicksilver Globe
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Quicksilver is a type of metal acquired from Mining and Smelting Cinnabar using Ore Smelters. Due to the inherent dangers of mining and relative scarcity of ore, all types of metal are highly sought after.
Works like a substance and can be stored in Buckets and Barrels also it can't be used to craft any tool or building requiring a Bar of Common Metal.

A Quicksilver is one of the valuable metals due to its unique crafting recipes and low availability.

How to Acquire

First, one must acquire cinnabar by mining it from the walls of a Mine Hole or Cave.

Next, the ore must be loaded into an Ore Smelter. At least twelve units of Coal or Black Coal must be added to the smelter by right-clicking on it, while holding a unit of coal on the cursor. Finally, use a Firebrand or Torch to light the smelter.

After roughly 50 minutes, the process will be complete. The percentage(12% base) of cinnabar to substance will be directly modified by whether you possess any additional mining skills. Any ore that does not become a substance will become Slag. Every successfully smelted piece of cinnabar gives 0.06 - 0.15 L of quicksilver.

Right-click on smelted Quicksilver with a Bucket to put it out from Ore Smelter.