From Ring of Brodgar
LP Cost 4,000
Skill(s) Required Farming, The Will to Power
Skill(s) Enabled Lawspeaking, Locks & Bolts
Required By A Bond of Blood & Soil, Barter Stand, Border Cairn, Brickwall, Coronation Stone, Cupboard, Display Sign, Feather Duster, Grotesque Idol, Menhir, Metal Cabinet, Palisade, Personal Claim, Postbox, Rabbit Food, Sublime Portico, Village Claim
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The ability to stake a claim on land, making it and everything on it your property. This includes the inside of log cabins, timber houses, and stone mansions. It is recommended that you stake a claim before starting a serious settlement, as unclaimed settlements can be robbed without any use of criminal acts.

Claim Interface

Once an area is claimed, there will be a post with a skull on it. The owner of the land can right click this to bring up the private claim interface. From here, he can choose to extend the claim in any direction at the cost of 10 LP per square meter. Claims can only be rectangles.

The set of colors near the bottom are linked to the colors on the landowner's kin list. If he wants anyone under that color to be allowed to Trespass, Steal or Vandalize, then he must select that color and check the corresponding checkboxes.

Reset will only roll back unpurchased claim extensions.


Declaiming DOES NOT reward any LP used back, and all Materials used will be lost.


If you Trespass on someone else's claim you will leave a trespass scent, allowing you to be tracked down and punished. Most players won't kill you over a trespass but its still better to avoid it.

Opening a container only leaves a trespassing scent, but stealing items from a claim leaves a theft scent.

In-Game Text

"This earth, this tree, this piece of ground... it's mine."

Yeomanry allows your character to claim land as personal property. Do so by constructing a Claim via the "Adventure" menu.


  • Clicking on the white skull above the minimap will highlight all personal claims owned by other players in pink. Your own claim will be highlighted in blue.
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