Locks & Bolts

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Locks & Bolts

Locks & Bolts.png
Locks & Bolts

LP Cost 1,500
Skill(s) Required Carpentry, Yeomanry
Skill(s) Enabled None
Required By Cellar, Keyring, Strongbox, Uninstalled Lock
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In-Game Text

"This place was not for you,
Was not meant for your eyes,
Was locked away for me alone."

You have learned how to craft and install locks to protect chests, coffers, and gates from intruders.

What it does

This skill allows you to craft and instal locks, craft keys and keyrings.

How to use locks

Craft a lock with one wood block:
Icon keyboard.pngCraft > Odds & Ends > Lock

To install it on a gate/chest, left click the lock and right-click the gate. This will give you a Master Key. You can attune any lock to this master key by left-clicking the key and right-clicking the lock in your inventory, and then mounting it on a door. This way you can have multiple doors opened by one key. You can name any key by right-clicking it, typing a name and hitting enter.