From Ring of Brodgar
LP Cost 30,000
Skill(s) Required Trespassing
Skill(s) Enabled Vandalism
Required By Nothing
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This skill allows you to search through containers and remove items from them on player or village claims. It also allows you to lift and carry non-inventory items off of claims. Be cautious, since all of these listed actions result in you leaving Reek of Theft scents, which can be harvested by anyone with equal or higher Exploration/Perception score than your Stealth/Intelligence score. This could get you into trouble, and even killed, since this scent can be used to locate you and your hearth fire and to send a Nidbane after you.

In-Game Text

"Yours today, mine tomorrow." Theft gives you the ability to steal from other player characters.


  • In previous worlds, if you had no hearth fire, you would be summoned to the Ring of Brodgar.
  • Theft allows you to loot the body of a player who has been KO'd or killed.
  • Leaving this scent is probably the most common way to get yourself killed, since wandering 'do gooders' are apt to track theft scents, even on abandoned claims.