Hearth Magic

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Hearth Magic
Hearth Magic.png
LP Cost 250
Oral Tradition, The Will to Power
Ancestral Worship, Druidic Rite, First Aid, Lawspeaking, Painting
Required By (22) A Beautiful Dream!, Bear Tooth Talisman, Border Cairn, Coronation Stone, Dowsing Rod, Dream Catcher, Enthroned Toad, Fealty Stone, Great Wax Seal, Grotesque Idol, Menhir, Nidbane Fetter, Petraglyph, Prism, Rainbow Shell Amulet, Seer's Bones, Seer's Bowl, Seer's Spindle, Seer's Tealeaves, Sublime Portico, Village Claim, Völva's Wand
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Allows you to build Dream Catchers, and craft Dowsing Rods. Also grants you the ability to harvest A Beautiful Dream! from Dream Catchers.

In-Game Text

"Hildur was a wise one,
Old crone rich in years,
They said she knew the runes,
Runes to make a broom dance,
A cat bark,
A sound of silence"

You have discovered that certain events in the shadowlands between dream and waking may cause the rules of the Deep Magic to bend, just a little, and have learned how to create simple artefacts of sympathetic import.

Magic Abilities

Name XP Cost Required skills Effect
Commune With Nature.png Commune With Nature 2,000 None Gives you a quest to visit a quest-giver in the relative vicinity.
Kindle.png Kindle 500 None Allows you to light a fire with the snap of your fingers.
Quell The Beast.png Quell The Beast 5000 Animal Husbandry peace out an active combat relation with an animal
Gilding Song.png Gilding Song 5000 (x 1.5 per gild in artifact and x 2.0 for each time this Hearth Magic has been used on the artifact) Deep Artifice Adds a gilding slot to an otherwise finished Artifact.
Horse Whisper.png Horse Whisper 2500 Animal Husbandry Convert Horse energy to pony power.
Contemplation And Meditation.png Contemplation & Meditation 1500 ???? Halve the remaining study time on a curiosity.
Fishers Request for a Catch.png Fishers Request for a Catch 1000 Fishing Buff fishing success rate and speed.
Raw Hide!.png Raw Hide! 500 Animal Husbandry Bellow forth a mighty whoop to startle any horses in the vicinity, and cause them to rear for some duration of time. The closer the horse is, the longer it will be startled.
Dig Deeper.png Dig Deeper 20000, doubling each time you dig the well deeper Tunneling By digging a well deeper you can reach lower, cooler, and ever fresher sources of water, increasing the water qualities of the well (+5Q). Digging Deeper becomes more expensive the farther down you get.
Vengeful Incantation.png Vengeful Incantation 7500 Rage By drawing deep breaths of vengence served cold, and on your utmost knowledge of the dark arts, you may send a Nidbane most fearsome after a hated enemy.
Polish the Silver.png Polish the Silver 250 Metallurgy By Polishing the Silver you may remove all Wear from a symbel item. Always reduces maximum wear on the polished item by one
Mine Song.png Mine Song 1500 Mining Excavate more ore and rock. Lasts 30 minutes.
Star Gaze.png Star Gaze 250 Deep Artifice Show a direction to falling Meteorite. Work only at night.

extra notes

Name Notes
Commune With Nature.png Commune With Nature
Kindle.png Kindle
Quell The Beast.png Quell The Beast
Gilding Song.png Gilding Song
Horse Whisper.png Horse Whisper
Contemplation And Meditation.png Contemplation & Meditation
Fishers Request for a Catch.png Fishers Request for a Catch
Raw Hide!.png Raw Hide!
Dig Deeper.png Dig Deeper
Vengeful Incantation.png Vengeful Incantation
Polish the Silver.png Polish the Silver
Mine Song.png Mine Song
Star Gaze.png Star Gaze