Dream Catcher

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Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Hearth Magic
Object(s) Required Tree Bough x4, String x2
Required By A Beautiful Dream!
Repaired With String
Can be Lifted Yes
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Icon keyboard.pngBuild > Production & Processing > Dream Catcher

A dream catcher produces "A Beautiful Dream!". Each dream catcher can hold up to two dreams at a time. You harvest the dream by right clicking the dream catcher and selecting Harvest.

A Beautiful Dream! is always the quality of the dream catcher.

How to Acquire

A dream catcher can be made when you have obtained the skill "Hearth Magic".


Dream Catcher Q =

Produced dreams are the same quality as the Dream Catcher.

To Be Verified

  • Dream catchers go into pause mode (not collecting dreams) when they're unloaded.
  • It is harvestable every 20 minutes.
  • Dream catchers are known to get stuck when first built and not start producing dreams until the map they're in is processed during a load/unload. If your catcher isn't producing, trying to move it to an area that unloads (as in a house) or leaving the area for a while might help it restart.