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Clay Pipe

From Ring of Brodgar
Clay Pipe
Clay Pipe.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Pottery
Object(s) Required Unfired Clay Pipe
Produced By Kiln
Slot(s) Occupied 1R
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Pipes can be equipped in the alternate head slot. They can be filled with Cured Hemp Buds, Opium or Pipestuff and lit, causing the character's pipe to emit smoke for 5 minutes, as well as turning them into a small light source.

Smoking produces two distinct buffs for your character. The longer the character smokes, the more potent the buff is. each 0.01kg of substance smoked takes 1.5 minutes and adds 10% to your buff meter, however, your character loses roughly 4% buff per minute, so the character must smoke at least 30 minutes and 0.20kg before recieving a full 100% buff.

In The Fog

Smoking Cured Hemp Buds gives the In The Fog buff and decrease Hunger at 2.5% above normal for quality 10.

Smoke & Fire

Smoke&Fire.png Smoking Pipestuff in a clay pipe or in a Cigar gives the Smoke & Fire buff that temporarily increases Intelligence and Psyche, and reducing Agility. Each 10% of buff adds 1 intelligence and psyche, while subtracting 1 agility, for a maximum possible buff of +10 intelligence and psyche, and -10 agility at 100%

Chasing the Dragon

For each puff of the pipe, the buff accumulates a certain amount of wound points. You can see on the buff how many points of damage it has accumulated.

As the buff ticks down, there is a chance to convert wound points accumulated in the buff into healing of certain wound types, namely: Infected sore, Wretched Gore, Concussion, Blunt Trauma, and Punch Sore. When the buff is empty -- i.e. has ticked down entirely -- the remaining accumulated wound points -- i.e. those not used for healing -- are gradually applied as a new wound "Dragon Bite", which itself heals over time.

The buff can only hold a certain amount of wound points, and as you begin approaching that amount, some damage is applied directly as a "Dragon Bite".

You can Catch Opium Dragons while high on opium.

Please be advised that smoking opium can kill your character.

How to Acquire

To make a clay pipe, you need to fire an Unfired Clay Pipe in a Kiln:

  • Use the craft menu to mold the clay, and then fire the unburnt Clay Pipe in a Kiln with 5 branches loaded.
  • After 21 minutes you will get an empty Pipe.

Having discovered both clay and Pipestuff is required in order to learn how to craft the Clay Pipe.

How to Use

To use a pipe, first you will need Cured Hemp Buds, Opium or Pipestuff. You will then need to right click the pipe with pipestuff, opium or cured hemp to fill the pipe. Once the pipe is full, equip it in your necklace slot and then light it using a Firebrand or Torch. You can refill the pipe while it is lit, so you do not have to light it multiple times.


  • Clay Pipe Quality =