Mulberry Tree

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Mulberry Tree
Mulberry Tree.png
Vital statistics
Object(s) Required Mulberry
Required By Mulberry, Mulberry Leaf
Terrain Beech Grove, Blue Sod, Cloud Range, Deep Tangle, Grass, Highground, Leaf Detritus, Leaf Patch, Moss Brush, Oak Wilds, Root Bosk, Shady Copse, Sombre Bramble, Timber Land, Wald
Bark 3
Branches 5
Logs 1
Blocks (Stone/Metal) 30/38
Boards (Bone/Metal) 9/15
Seed 5 Mulberry
Boughs N/A
Other 250 Mulberry Leaf

Mulberry Tree is one of the many Trees found in the hearthlands. While trees are one of the most plentiful resources, it is also one of the most important ones.
Some of the most basic materials a hearthling will require, such as Boards, Wood Block, Boughs, and Branches can only be found on trees.

How to Acquire

Every tree can be grown from its seed, using a Treeplanter's Pot.

A Mulberry Tree provides limited amounts of Mulberries, Mulberry Leaves, Bark and Branches. They can be grown by players with the proper skills and equipment. The seed used to grow a Mulberry Tree is the Mulberry.


Each tree provides a total of 250 Mulberry Leaves, which slowly accumulate during growth. To get new leaves after picking them all, you need to wait for the decay system to tick, which means that it's completely random and unpredictable for sparsely populated areas. It may be faster to simply grow a new tree.

As of world 11, Mulberry Trees seem to spawn very frequently in Leaf Detrius terrain, which will look very mottled orange on the World Map