Grey Seal

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Grey Seal
Grey Seal.jpg
Vital statistics
Base-Quality 35
Hitpoints ~320
Fleeing-Hitpoints ~240
Creature-Products Fresh Grey Seal Hide x1-2, Intestines x2, Entrails x2, Raw Grey Seal x6, Bone Material x3, Flipper Bones x1-3
This data is specified at the individual Terrain pages.
Beach, Deep Water, Shallow Water

Seals are considered one of the fastest animals in the game. They cant be catched while flee on water, but you can outrun a seal on land with 3 Horse speed.



Passive until you aggro them.

Combat Moves

Attacks Restorations

FellScratch.png Fell Scratch
  • Attack type: Striking, Backhanded
  • Openings: Off Balance
  • IP +1
Chomp.png Chomp
  • Attack type: Striking, Sweeping
  • Openings: Dizzy
  • IP -2

Careful Approach.png Careful Approach
  • Reduces: Off Balance, Dizzy
Bristle.png Bristle
  • Reduces: Off Balance, Dizzy, Reeling, Cornered
  • IP -3


Seals slower on the ground, with a horse lure him out of water and kill, otherwise when seal fleeing you can't catch him even on 4th horse speed.