Bog Turtle

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Bog Turtle
Bog Turtle.png
Base-Quality 10
Hitpoints 1
Fleeing-Hitpoints 1
Creature-Products Dead Bog Turtle: Bog Turtle Shell, Entrails, Raw Bog Turtle x2, Bone Material
Seasonality (See this page for now)
Terrain This data is specified at the individual Terrain pages. Bog, Fen, Swamp
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Bog Turtle is a swamp creature that can be butchered for Bog Turtle Shell, Entrails, Raw Bog Turtle and Bone Material. It takes up a 2x1 space in the inventory.

How To Acquire

Turtles can be found commonly on Swamp, Bog or Fen. They do not engage in combat and do not flee. You will need Hunting to pick up a turtle or killing them through trampling with a horse.

In-Game example(s)