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Dryads are rare tree-like Creatures with green hair, wooden bodies and exquisite antlers. They are always on the move, dashing to and fro through the trees. For the moment, the only interesting use they serve is to grant hearthlings the ability to follow them at an increased speed without Stamina drain. Dryads cannot be attacked or otherwise interacted with.

Witnessing a Dryad can trigger the Crashing Through the Forest Experience Event. This Event will grant a hearthling 400 EXP, and a text will read as such -

"An Otherworldly presence, squirming roots and shaking aspen, seemingly bending the natural world around the path it cuts, comes crashing through the foliage in a most sublime spectacle."


  • They are also referred to as "Tree Men" or "Ents."
  • The Stamina drain imparted upon a player following a Dryad is equal to the set walking speed (2/4) .
  • Changing your speed while following a Dryad will reset your speed to walking (2/4) .
  • In Legacy Haven, Dryads could be killed. A dead Dryad would look like this Legacy-Dryad dead.png