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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Foraging
Minimum Per*Exp 10
Terrain Grassland, Forest
Object(s) Required None
Produced By Hand
Required By Flower, Rabbit Food
Study details
Base LP 50
Study Time 0.67
Mental Weight 1
EXP Cost 3
LP / EXP 16.67
LP / Hour (real) 75
LP / Mental Weight 50
LP / Hour / EXP 25
LP / Hour / Size 75
LP / Hour / Weight 75
LP / Hour / Size / EXP 25
LP / Hour / Weight / EXP 25
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Dandelion is a Curiosity which can be used in the Study Report to earn Learning Points.

A staple of most newbies' LP gains.

How to Acquire

They are commonly found in grassland, moor, and heath biomes, and more rarely in forest. They can also be grown in a Garden Pot.

Hardcapped by Survival.

In Game Example

Forageable Dandelion.png
A dandelion as a wall decoration.