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From Ring of Brodgar
Vital statistics
Base-Quality 10
Hitpoints 10
Fleeing-Hitpoints 10
Creature-Products Dead Squirrel: Fresh Squirrel Hide, Entrails, Raw Squirrel, Bone Material, Fresh Squirrel Tail
This data is specified at the individual Terrain pages.
Beech Grove, Deep Tangle, Leaf Detritus, Leaf Patch, Lichen Wold, Moss Brush, Oak Wilds, Pine Barren, Root Bosk, Shady Copse, Sombre Bramble, Timber Land, Wald

A live squirrel. You can right-click it and select "Wring Neck" to kill it and receive a Dead squirrel.

How to Acquire

Squirrels can be found in both deciduous and pine forests.

To catch a squirrel right-click on it to pick it up from the ground. If you have space for a 1x2 item the squirrel will appear in your inventory.

In-Game Example(s)

Stages of Squirrel

Stages Resources Acquired
Hafen-Squirrel.png Squirrel Dead Squirrel
Hafen-Dead Squirrel.png Dead Squirrel Fresh Squirrel Hide, Fresh Squirrel Tail, Squirrel Carcass
Hafen-Squirrel Carcass.png Squirrel Carcass Clean Squirrel Carcass, Entrails
Clean-Squirrel.png Clean Squirrel Carcass Raw Squirrel, Bone Material OR Spitroast Squirrel


  • Unlike chickens, squirrel will stay alive in any container for an indefinite amount of time, as they don't need food.