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Travel Weariness

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How Travel Weariness Works

Travelling between Charterstones and Sublime Porticos creates travel weariness. No matter how far or short a character travels, it always costs a minimum of 10 % of the available weariness. The more Will a character has, the farther they can travel at once. The cost of the travel is calculated with the formula: . The amount of weariness gained when traveling is determined mathematically based on the distance traveled compared to the max distance the character can travel based on their current Will, including any bonuses. If the character doesn't have enough current Will, then they cannot travel. If the character's Will changes for any reason (wounds, changing gear, Realm bonuses, or from other sources), then the amount of weariness they have will also adjust, and can exceed 100%.

Forms of Fast Travel

  • Travel to Hearth Fire: allows a hearthling to travel back home (where the character's hearth fire is located) from anywhere in the world. This costs some Travel Weariness, but you can always travel to your hearth fire from anywhere in the world, regardless if you have enough travel weariness to spare or not.
  • Roads: These markers allow a players to create a network of origins and destinations for easy travel. See the wiki entry for roads (Wooden Roadsign, Milestone) for further information on building and linking.
  • Charter Stone: A village can build a charterstone and name it to allow players to travel to it from other charterstones or sublime porticos.
  • Sublime Portico: A village can choose to build a Portico for one way travel to a Charterstone. Note that the journey back via the portico isn't possible, but it is significantly cheaper to build.
  • Knarr: Right-click on the dock while operate knarr, then right-click knarr and use Travel to home dock option.

Reducing Travel Weariness

Travel weariness slowly drop over time naturally. This can be sped up through various means:

  • Sleeping in a bed. This will log you out and the amount of weariness lost depends on bed type, bed quality and time logged out.
  • Using Heartwood Leaves.
  • Smoking Pipestuff.