Lynx Cape

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Lynx Cape
Lynx Cape.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 2
Skill(s) Required Hunting
Gilding Chance 10%-32%
Gilding Attributes Agility, Survival
Object(s) Required Lynx Hide, String x4
QL10 Equipment Statistics
Slot(s) Occupied 1L + 8L
AGI Modifier 7
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A cape and hood fashioned from the hide of a lynx, making the wearer agile like a lynx. Increases Agility. Offers a 10-32% Agility + Survival gilding slot.


  • When equipped, it occupies both the cape and headwear slots.
  • Agility bonus is based on the geometric average of the three qualities.

Ex: Q27/48/32 Cape (Q36.8 Avg) gives 13 Agility


Lynx Cape Quality = [math]\frac{_{q}Hide + _{q}AvgString}{2}[/math]