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Adder Hide

From Ring of Brodgar
Adder Hide
Adder Hide.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Hunting
Object(s) Required Fresh Adder Hide
Produced By Drying Frame
Specific Type of Prepared Animal Hide
Required By Ouroboros, Snakeskin Belt, Snakeskin Boots, Snakeskin Stripes, (Prepared Animal Hide: Bagpipe, Custom Image Sketch, Drum & Sticks, Feather Band, Fur Boots, Fur Cloak, Hide Layer, Hide Strap, Leather, Parchment, Poor Man's Gloves, Potent Rod, Rough Guard Patch, Still Life, Stinging Poultice, Wanderer's Bindle, Waterskin, Woodsman's Ushanka)
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The dried hide of a adder. Tanning this in a Tanning Tub will create 1 leather.

It is exclusively used for the curiosity Ouroboros and Snakeskin Belt

How to Acquire

Acquired by placing a Fresh Adder Hide on a Drying Frame and allowing it several hours to dry.

In-Game Example(s)

An adder hide used as a wall decoration.