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Drying Frame

From Ring of Brodgar
Drying Frame
Drying Frame.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 3
Skill(s) Required Hunting
Object(s) Required Tree Bough x2, Branch x5, String x2
Required By Adder Hide, Aurochs Hide, Badger Hide, Bat Hide, Bear Hide, Beaver Hide, Boar hide, Boreworm Hide, Cattle Hide, Cave Angler Scales, Caverat Hide, Dried Filet of Abyss Gazer, Dried Filet of Asp, Dried Filet of Bass, Dried Filet of Bream, Dried Filet of Brill, Dried Filet of Burbot, Dried Filet of Carp, Dried Filet of Catfish, Dried Filet of Cave Angler, Dried Filet of Cave Sculpin, Dried Filet of Cavelacanth, Dried Filet of Chub, Dried Filet of Cod, Dried Filet of Eel, Dried Filet of Grayling, Dried Filet of Haddock, Dried Filet of Herring, Dried Filet of Ide, Dried Filet of Lavaret, Dried Filet of Mackerel, Dried Filet of Mullet, Dried Filet of Pale Ghostfish, Dried Filet of Perch, Dried Filet of Pike, Dried Filet of Plaice, Dried Filet of Pomfret, Dried Filet of Roach, Dried Filet of Rose Fish, Dried Filet of Ruffe, Dried Filet of Saithe, Dried Filet of Salmon, Dried Filet of Silver Bream, Dried Filet of Smelt, Dried Filet of Sturgeon, Dried Filet of Tench, Dried Filet of Trout, Dried Filet of Whiting, Dried Filet of Zander, Dried Filet of Zope... further results
Repaired With String
Can be Lifted No
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What is it

A Drying Frame is used to dry fresh hides from animals. Dried hides are further tanned to produce leather or crafted into an item. The drying frame can also be used to dry Wild Windsown Weeds (WWWs), but it takes significantly more time than on a Herbalist Table. You will obtain 5 seeds of crops that have seeds, or one unit of crops that don't (such as Beetroots or Yellow Onions)

Note: A drying frame is destroyed within two decay hits and cannot be built inside. It is better build on a claim to prevent decay. When a drying rack turns red, it is in risk of being destroyed and should be repaired with a single piece of string(To be verified, red may mean that a skin/seed is dry).

Drying rack quality does not affect the quality of skins or WWWs dried upon it but affect their speed of drying.

How to Acquire

Obtain 2 Tree Boughs, 5 Branches and 2 pieces of String, then build the frame.

How to Use

Right-click the built frame, place item into it, then wait for them to dry.


  • Drying Frame Build Quality:
Quality Speed %
10 100
80 200
270 300
  • Speed % =


  • (Terrain) A drying frame can't be build on Ice.


The base length of time it takes to dry the various items:

  • Rx: Ratio of presumed minimum base time (14:36:00).
Item Real Time Rx Notes
Adder Hide 14:36:00 1.00
Aurochs Hide 14:36:00 1.00
Badger Hide 14:36:00 1.00
Bat Hide 14:36:00 1.00
Bear Hide 29:12:00 2.00
Beaver Hide 14:36:00 1.00
Boar hide 29:12:00 2.00
Boreworm Hide 72:00:00 4.93 Count as Leather, Rx probably x5.0 (73:00:00)
Cave Angler Scales 29:12:00 2.00
Cow Hide 14:36:00 1.00
Filet of Any Fish 180:00:00 12.33 Result in Dried Filet of Fish, Rx probably x12.0 (175:12:00)
Fox Hide 14:36:00 1.00
Goat Hide 14:36:00 1.00
Grey Seal Hide 14:36:00 1.00
Hedgehog Skin 14:36:00 1.00
Horse Hide 14:36:00 1.00
Lynx Hide 14:36:00 1.00
Mammoth Hide 29:12:00 2.00
Mole Hide 12:00:00 0.82 Rx probably x1.0 (14:36:00)
Moose Hide 29:12:00 2.00
Mouflon Hide 14:36:00 1.00
Otter Hide 14:36:00 1.00
Pigskin 14:36:00 1.00
Rabbit Fur 14:36:00 1.00
Red Deer Hide 29:12:00 2.00
Reindeer Hide 29:12:00 2.00
Sheepskin 14:36:00 1.00
Squirrel Hide 14:36:00 1.00
Squirrel Tail 14:36:00 1.00
Troll Hide 180:00:00 12.33 Count as Hardened Leather, Rx probably x12.0 (175:12:00)
Walrus Hide 29:12:00 2.00
Wildgoat Hide 14:36:00 1.00
Wildhorse Hide 14:36:00 1.00
Wild Windsown Weed 14:36:00 1.00 Result in Any Seed
Wolf Hide 29:12:00 2.00
Wolverine Hide 14:36:00 1.00