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From Ring of Brodgar
Vital statistics
Size 2 x 2.5
Skill(s) Required Basic Mechanics, Siegecraft
Object(s) Required Brimstone x4, Rope x10, Board x16, Block of Wood x40, Bone Glue x4, Hardened Leather x4
Repaired With Brimstone
Soak Value 6
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Catapult is a powerful tool of war, wrathfully used to deliver mighty portion of pain and destruction upon heads of misbehaving hearthlings, siege devices and naval vehicles.

How to use

After constructing a catapult, there is a one hour "drying time" where the vehicle cannot be used. Additionally, after repairs to the catapult are made, there is a one-hour timer before it can be fired.

Catapult uses Stones as projectiles. Catapult needs to be filled with 10 stones to be able to shoot. Using a Wheelbarrow can ease this process.

To fire a catapult, your Perception and Marksmanship must be at least 50.

Firing a catapult requires Criminal Acts to be On.

Every catapult's range is slightly randomized upon being built. The range appears as a circle while using the catapult.


Catapult shots deal, randomly, from 600HP and upwards.

Catapult itself has 750HP, and can be used while it has more than 150HP. Catapult takes 200HP damage each time it fires. Catapult can be destroyed if shot would cost more (or exact) amount of HP than catapult actually has.

Catapults take damage when moving. They can move 4 tiles before they need repairs.

Repairing a catapult requires Brimstone. Each piece restores 600HP (80%).


  • Catapults have base range of 18 tiles (200 map pixels) with unknown amount of randomization.
  • It is not possible to launch Hearthlings yet.
  • Despite it menacing looks, Catapult can only attack single target per shot, leaving adjacent area unharmed.

Game Development

  • Small Fixes in update Still Brandy (2021-06-19) >"Catapults can now, with a 24 hour charge, destroy all boats and ships, unlike previously, when they could only destroy Knarrs."