Bee Skep

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Bee Skep
Bee Skep.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Beekeeping
Object(s) Required Block of Wood x2, Board x2, Straw x10, Bee Larvae x3
Required By Bee Larvae, Beeswax, Domestic Honey, The Bee That Stung
Repaired With Straw
Can be Lifted Yes
Soak Value 0
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Bee skeps provide beeswax, Bee Larvae and honey, and also help crops grow faster in a radius of 13 tiles. To collect beeswax, just right click the skep and harvest it. Each piece of wax harvested also has a chance to grant a single bee larva of identical quality. To collect honey, left click a bucket (or Lift a barrel) and right click on the skep. You can also lift the skep itself and right click on a barrel or cistern to dump out its honey, but note lifting it may interrupt wax/honey production.

Working with Bee Skep randomly adds Beesting, each new wound would be worse by 3 HHP. There is a chance to get The Bee That Stung when wounded.


Bee Skep will reduce the time it takes for crops to fully mature; with the exception of Wheat, Barley, Millet and Hemp, which are not affected by bee skeps.

"Each time a crop grows to the next stage, it checks if there's a beehive within range. If it finds beehive, the time before the next stage change is reduced, and the beehive receives a usage tick. Beehives can store up to 50 uses (and noting how jorb worded it, it's likely they start will a full 50 when first created), and will regenerate 6 uses per hour. Crops using a beehive will cause honey and wax production (exact mechanics unknown), but jorb has stated there is a low level of base production of honey/wax by a hive even if it has no crops nearby." -Sevenless

See Sevenless's Guide for more information

Without any pollation by crops (ie inside houses or caves), Bee Skeps take less than 4 hours to produce some honey, and about 13 days to produce a piece of wax. These will be low quality, in fact skeps left without crops for long enough will exclusively produce quality 10 honey, larvae and wax regardless of the skep’s quality.

Wax production

A bee skep with wax available will have red waxy blobs round the bottom of the skep.

Skep with wax available
Skep with no wax available

General Notes

The bee skep production is affected by maturing plants in its vicinity. Therefore, if you want a lot of wax or honey, you have to actively farm around the bee skep. However, skeps cannot "share" this resource. Two skeps sitting side by side will produce half the honey/wax as a single skep in that location would.

  • It is still unclear how and when exactly a bee skep will produce wax and honey.

Legacy-Bee Hive Area.png

  • (Terrain) Can't be build on Ice.


  • Quality of the Bee Skep is an average of all used materials, and soft-caps the quality of its products.
  • Quality of wax and honey produced seems to be affected by the quality of crops covered by the bee hive (All crops, except barley and wheat, will affect a beehive this way)