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Mine Beam

From Ring of Brodgar
Mine Beam
Mine Beam.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Mining, Deep Artifice
Object(s) Required Bar of Any Metal x8
Repaired With Bar of Any Metal
Can be Lifted No
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Mine Beams are mining support structures which prevent cave-ins in a eleven tile radius.
Mine Beams are the third tier of Mining support columns, ahead of Mine Supports and Stone Columns.

Note: Mined tiles will still show dust animation (see Mining page) when under the radius of the support, to warn of cave-in tiles, but caveins won't occur under support.

Mine support take damage every time it prevents a cave-in.

For a mine support structure to prevent a cave-in, it must touch the center of the tile:

Quoted from Loftar
<SuperDaddy> Does it count if the radius is touching part of the tile?

<loftar> Well, to be precise, it needs to touch the exact center of the tile.

This means tiles covered by the column radius just slightly aren't supported.

Caution: whenever a mine support is removed, all tiles under it are checked for unstable mine tiles. If there are unstable tiles within range, which are now, with the removal of the mine support, unsupported, the removal will cause a cave in. This means that you can now tear down mine supports without cave ins, if you still have proper support around it