Mine Support

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Mine Support
Hafen-Mine Support.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Mining
Object(s) Required Block of Wood x16 Bar of Common Metal x1
Repaired With Nugget of Any Common Metal
Can be Lifted No

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Supports hold up the mine's ceiling to prevent cave-ins.
Note: Mined tiles will still show dust animation (see Mining page) when under the radius of the support, to warn of cave-in tiles, but cave-ins won't occur under support.

Quoted from Loftar:

<SuperDaddy> Does it count if the radius is touching part of the tile?
<loftar> Well, to be precise, it needs to touch the exact center of the tile.

This means tiles covered by the support radius just slightly aren't supported.

Caution: Destroying a mine support underground will immediately cause a cave-in to occur, even if all tiles are supported by other supports.

A picture showing the tiles around a support that are safe to mine.

Support Radius

The squares around the support that are safe to mine.

All tiles marked in blue are safe to mine. Mining a tile outside of the blue area may cause a cave-in. This structure will support mining within a 9 tile radius.

Note: Mine supports can be built on the surface and in houses; however, serve no function

Design guide for mine support

Every type of wood