Rock Crystal

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Rock Crystal
Hafen-Rock Crystal.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required  ?
Object(s) Required Rock Crystal
Produced By Axe or Pickaxe
Required By Charter Stone, Coronation Stone
Gilding statistics
Gilding Chance 0%-75%
Gilding Attribute Psyche, Melee Combat
Gilding Bonus 1 Strength +2
Gilding Bonus 2 Melee Combat +6
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Rock Crystal is a Gilding item that gives a boost to Strength and Melee Combat.

Gilding Attributes are Psyche and Melee Combat, Chance: 0% to 75%.

How to Obtain

Rock Crystal can be found by collecting Rock Crystals.


Quality Strength Melee Combat
10 +2 +6
40 +4 +12

The resulting quality is to your Axe quality, and then hardcapped by your Psyche and Masonry skill. This makes them the best source of high quality stone in the game.

q1149 crystals for sale in a barter stand. They were mined by someone with high stats and a q1149 axe.