Localized Resources

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Just a table with general collected info. Feel free to fill in and correct missing/incorrect data. If you add a picture, please make sure they are clear, with small file size (< 100 kb) if possible.

Inspecting Localized resources will display the time left until the node refills in real days, or how many items are already in the node.

Resource Overflow: As stated by Loftar in May 2017, there is a localized resource "overflow"-system in place. This system makes it so that if a localized resource is at full capacity and would receive another one of the items it would spawn, another localized resource would receive the excess item. It is not clear whether an adjacent localized resource is prioritized with receiving the item or if it picks a random localized resource which isn't at full capacity.
Node Confirmed biomes XP Resource Quality Cap Use Decays?
Abyssal Chasm.jpg Abyssal Chasm Mountain, Cave 400 Hafen-Foul Smoke.png Foul Smoke Stealth Curio Q10:(LP = 10000, weight = 20, expdrain = 60, studytime = ?)
Ancient Windthrow.jpg Ancient Windthrow Forest 400 Hafen-Ancient Root.png Ancient Root Survival Heals HHP equal to its quality, evenly spread over all wounds. Yes
Clay Pit.jpg Clay Pit 400 Hafen-Pit Clay.png Pit Clay Masonry Blue brick paving, possibly porcelain. No
Geyser.jpg Geyser Mountain (snow), Grassland, Dryflat, Mountain (red), Cave 400 Hafen-Brimstone.png Brimstone Survival Can be used to make Catapult and Matches Yes
Cave Organ.jpg Great Cave Organ Cave 400 Hafen-Notes of a Foul Symphony.png Notes of a Foul Symphony Stealth Curio Q10:(LP = 3000, weight = 12, expdrain = 30, studytime = ?)
Guano Pile.jpg Guano Pile Cave 400 Hafen-Bat Guano.png Bat Guano Farming Can be used to fill Treeplanter's Pot, replacing Soil. Guano is generally of a higher quality than soil.
Headwaters.jpg Headwaters Mountain 400 Hafen-Water.png Spring Water Survival Similar to water, can get better results if used for tree planting (needs testing) (+10 sta -18 e, 0.05 L/sip at q20). No
Heart of the Woods.jpg Heart of the Woods Forest 400 Hafen-Heartwood Leaves.png Heartwood Leaves Survival Restores Travel Weariness. Can be gilded. No
Ice Spire.jpg Ice Spire Mountain (snow-covered part) 400 Hafen-Ageless Ice.png Ageless Ice Instantly finish all curios in study.
Jotun Mussel.jpg Jotun Mussel Lake 400 Hafen-Mother of Pearl.png Mother of Pearl Exploration Curio (LP = 8000, weight = 15, expdrain = 10, studytime = ~75m), ...
Crystal Rock.jpg Rock Crystal Mountain, Cave 500 Hafen-Rock Crystal.png Rock Crystal Psyche and Masonry Curio (LP = 2500, weight = 4, expdrain = 40, studytime = ?), ingredient in Charter Stones and Realms. Can be gilded. Stone axe or pickaxe required to collect No
Salt basin.jpg Salt Basin 400 Hafen-Salt Crystal.png Salt Crystal Cooking Decrease hunger level by 20% at q10. No