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From Ring of Brodgar
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Stone Working, Carpentry
Object(s) Required Stone x100 (avg), Board x10, Block of Wood x6, Bucket, Rope x10(avg), Thatching Material x10
Required By Water
Repaired With Stone
Can be Lifted No

Hit Points -999
Soak Value -999
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A well can be used, in conjunction with a bucket, to acquire water. Unlike shallow waters, obtaining water is not immediate. Rather you have to wait for the animation for the well to finish before the bucket fills up. The quality of the well's water based on the quality of the water source. The quality of the water is higher the closer to the centre of the source the well is.

You will need to discover rope, the bucket, stone and wood blocks.

How to Acquire

Wells can be built anywhere above ground, though their material cost is dependent on the local height of the water table. The guide below covers how to find high points in the water table.

Craft a Dowsing Rod and then equip it. Once equipped, you start getting pings at a periodic interval. Proceed with the following guide to find where to try and place the well. (Guide written by TurtleSir on the Haven forums.)

1) Wait for a dowsing rod to generate an arrow ping, and then walk a few steps in the direction it's pointing. Repeat this step as needed.
2) When the highest point of the Water Table is located, you will get a message stating that the table will 'rise no further from here.' These locations will always result in the Well requiring the fewest materials to be built.
3) Place the well. Make sure the ground is flat, and that the handle is accessible.


  • Wells can now be built anywhere, regardless of the depth of the water table below them. However, material usage will scale based on how far the well is built from an appropriate high-point on the water table.
  • Wells require two tiles to be available. Be sure that the handle of the well is placed in a way that it can be used once built.
  • You can use Dig Deeper Hearth Magic (XP cost 20000, doubles each time used) to raise water quality by +5.