Bar of Bronze

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Bar of Bronze
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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Metal Working
Object(s) Required Bar of Copper x2, and Bar of Tin
Produced By Crucible
Required By Bar of Any Metal, Bar of Common Metal, Bar of Hard Metal, Bronze Helm, Bronze Nugget, Bronze Plate, Bronze Steed, Bronze Sword, Hookah, Meatgrinder, Metal Plow, Strongbox, Thane's Helm, Völva's Wand
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Bar of Bronze is a type of metal acquired from Mining and Smelting Metal Ores using buildings such as an Ore Smelter, Crucible, or Finery Forge. Due to the inherent dangers of mining and relative scarcity of ore, all types of metal are highly sought after. A Bar of Bronze can be used to craft any tool or building requiring a Bar of Hard Metal, as well as any tool or metal requiring a Bar of Common Metal.

To create a Bar of Bronze, two Bars ofCopper and one Bar of Tin must be smelted in a Crucible to make three Bars of Bronze. Bronze considered a Bar of Hard Metal, and is accordingly stronger metal than Copper and Tin. In addition, weapons and armor can be crafted from Bronze that, while not always as strong as Wrought Iron or Steel equipment, are generally much cheaper and less time-consuming to make.

The main hurdle in acquiring bronze is the need for two types of metal, which cannot be procured from a single ore vein alone. Thus trade is often required in order to acquire sufficient stocks of both metals that may be used in producing bronze.


Quality of bronze bars seems to be determined by:

rounded down.

Softcapped: None.