Bar of Bronze

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Bar of Bronze
Hafen-Bar of Bronze.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Metal Working
Object(s) Required Bar of Copper x2, and Bar of Tin
Produced By Alloying Crucible
Required By Bar of Any Metal, Bronze Helm, Bronze Plate, Bronze Steed, Bronze Sword, Meatgrinder, Völva's Wand, and
Specific Type of Bar of Common Metal, Bar of Hard Metal
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Two bars of copper and one bar of tin makes three bars of bronze. Bronze is a stronger metal than copper and tin, and can be used in the production of many types of tools. In addition, weapons and armor can be crafted from bronze that, while not always as strong as wrought iron or steel equipment, are generally much cheaper and less time-consuming to make. Bars of Bronze can be used to make repairs to plows made out of cast iron, and vice versa.

The main hurdle in acquiring bronze is the need for two types of metal, which cannot be procured from a single ore vein alone. Thus trade is often required in order to acquire sufficient stocks of both metals that may be used in producing bronze.


Quality of bronze bars seems to be determined by:
[math](AvgCopper Q + AvgTin Q)/2[/math]
rounded down.

Softcapped: None. Ref: Skills#Smithing

How to Acquire

You need an alloying crucible to make a bar of bronze. It must be fueled with charcoal and lit in order to produce bronze bars.