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Any Onion

From Ring of Brodgar
Any Onion
Hafen-Any Onion.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Farming
Object(s) Required Leek, Red Onion, Yellow Onion
Produced By Hand
Required By Birchbark Bream, Fish in Tears, Fishballs, Glazed Honeyons, Haggis, Liver & Onions, Molehill, Mushroom & Onion Pirozhki Dough, Omelette, Onion Braid, Onion Rings, Onion Salad, Onion Skewer, Onioned Escargot, Perched Perch, Spicy Salad, Steak & Tubers, Unbaked Shepherd's Pie, Zesty Brill
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Any Onion is not an actual in-game-object but a generic term referring to one of the following 3 game-objects: Leek, Red Onion, Yellow Onion.