Plant Lore

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Plant Lore
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Plant Lore
LP Cost 4000
Skill(s) Required Farming
Skill(s) Enabled First Aid, Woodsmanship
Required By Barley Grist, Bouquet of Flowers, Dried Morels, Germinated Barley, Herbalist Table, Horrible Knot, Malted Barley, Malted Wheat, Seeds of Sprouted Wheat, Straw Cape, Tea, Wheat Grist
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In-Game Text

"Growing silently,
From shadows everflowing,
Light of greenery."

You have begun developing a certain mastery of plant both wildand tame. You gain more seeds when farming, and plant trees with greater success.

What it does

Plant lore allows you to get 2 more seeds when harvesting most crops. Along with the Gardening skill you can get 14 seeds per crop. If you combine these with Druidic Rite, you will always get 15 seeds. Plant lore also improves the chance of trees sprouting on an Herbalist table. You need this skill to make an Herbalist Table.